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We are great fans of Trabants at Rent-A-Trabant Budapest, and we remember the times before the fall of the Berlin wall with lots of wonder and nostalgia. Since 2006 we’ve been organizing interactive and entertaining Trabant tours and activities in and around the amazing city of Budapest.

Our team of enthusiastic tour managers and welcoming guides are all natives of the capital of Hungary and we’d love to introduce you to our city ‘s fascinating history and vibrant cultural life.

Our goal is to create unique programmes for our customers, which will make their stay in Budapest unforgettable.

Our tours and acitivities will shuttle you out of everyday life to not only see a city but to get a feel and taste of it, ensuring memories that will last a lifetime.

Budapest city tours

We mainly recommend our programmes to those who like excitement and active relaxation, as well as using their imagination. Through our extensive network of contacts we can find the right way of entertainment for any age group of any interest. Our tours are modular and customizable. We are happy to make a tailor made experience for you!


Stalin, Perestroika and Sputnik! All pages in history books now but one communist achievement lives on after the Berlin wall came down- the mighty Trabant! East Germany’s cardboard contribution to the motoring dream of millions can now be yours and, in the spirit of Glasnost we have cut out the 10-year waiting list!


Trabant lives on after the Berlin wall came down. It playes a role, embody a story that was part of our history. Trabi reflects the creative spirit, the unique simplicity and charm. Through our gifts we would like to give back these feelings to our customers because these objects have so much to offer.


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